Funny guy passed away

Our blog has just been founded, and already I am urged to post about the sad passing of Boris Yeltsin. He truly was exemplary to the Gluttony community, for he enjoyed many virtues. Alcoholism to name one, I don’t think many could hold their liquor as well as him, and still be an exceptional leader. Even more important, he was one of the greatest commy-fighters of the late 20th century, liberating the Russian people from the yoke of more then 70 years of, albeit funny (Leonid Brezhnev’s eyebrows were hilarious, to mention just one thing), communist rule.



2 Responses to “Funny guy passed away”

  1. Skooter Says:

    Archont and Strategoi? Seriously? Who’s who?
    Long live WordPress! Long live Yeltsin!
    You better write a lot!

    (@ Strategoi: It’s your wife)

  2. gromp Says:

    What the hell is an archont ? Great blog though, we must celebrate and commemorate the great father of all Russia. GLORIOUS MOSKVA FOREVER !!!

    To Strategoi : You’re married already ???? People these days…

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