French Elections

Even though we are a little late in doing so, we still decided to cover the French Presidential Elections. We’re too late because the 1st round is already over and, as expected, Ségolène Royal & Nicolas Sarkozy are the ones going through to the second round, the final vote for presidency. But we are still going to share our views about the other 1st round candidates as well.

France, being a country of sore losers, needs some good management to get on the right track, because at the moment, French people are just like Palestinians, only with a better cuisine. The 12 candidates participating in the 1st round will each get seperately rated after thorough study by Archont & Strategoi. The two standards they will use are: their looks, and the political party they represent.

In addition to these 2 parameters, some candidates will get extra positive or negative remarks, mentioned in the limbo column.

French Elections



2 Responses to “French Elections”

  1. Skooter Says:

    Just how many communist parties are there in France? ô_O;.
    Oh, and what’s the club d’horloge? *too lazy to look it up*
    Tell me later, byebye!

  2. strategoi Says:

    Communism is rampant in France; a reason the more to deem it backwater.

    The club de l’horloge is a French think-tank around the ideas of liberalism, nationalism and conservatism, about as good as it can get, so if they support the MPF, the more a reason to like it.

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