French Elections (II)

Sunday, the 6th of May will bring the final outcome of the French presidential elections. Ségolène Royal & Nicolas Sarkozy are giving everything to attract the last undecided voters, but it’s important to mention that the already beaten candidates will have a bigger impact on them.

At the gruesome far-left side, the commies are rallying for the socialist cause. Besançenot, Laguiller and Buffet have all urged their deprived followers to vote for Royal. The same goes for Voynet, the but-ugly ‘greens’ candidate. At the far-left side thus, only Schivardi hasn’t favored any candidate, but little doubt there is his supporters will vote Royal. Neither does it need to be mentioned that Bové urged his voters to support Royal.

The rather ‘centrist’ candidates, Frédéric Nihous and François Bayrou haven’t voiced a favor for any candidate yet. Nihous will be neglected anyway, and Bayrou has his eyes set on the next elections, and doesn’t want to support either side, risking to lose his support of the other wing.

At the right side, Philippe De Villiers, probably the best French politician at this time, has wisely called on his supporters to vote Sarkozy.

The far-right nutcase Le Pen has asked his followers to abstain. Let us hope the morons who voted for him in the first round will make a better decision this time.

if we do the math, we arrive at this result, if all the voters follow their first round candidates:

Royal: 25.87 % (1st round votes) + 4.08 % (Besançenot) + 1.93 % (Buffet) + 1.57 % (Voynet) + 1.33 % (Laguiller) + 1.32 % (Bové) = 36.10 %

Sarkozy :31.18 % (1st round votes) + 2.23 % (de Villiers) = 33.41 %

Bayrou (18.57 %) + Le Pen (10.44 %) + Nihous (1.15 %) + Schivardi (0.34 %) = 30.50 % of the votes undecided

It’s obvious that the center vote will choose the winner. But since Nihous’ and Schivardi’s votes are neglectable, and most of Le Pen’s voters will probably ignore their headoaf and vote Sarkozy, the more will depend on Bayrou’s voters. And latest polls show a slight favor for Sarkozy, wich means there actually might be some hope for France.


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