Rightwingers on the rise in Europe

The 10th of june there were elections both in France and Belgium. In France the first round of the parliamentary elections was held, and in Belgium the federal elections allowed a new house of representatives and senate to be chosen.

In France, Nicolas Sarkozy repeated his succes from the presidential elections and is winning by a landslide. The 2nd round, next sunday will most probably have the same outcome, resulting in an overwhelming majority for Sarkozy’s UMP (Union for a Popular Movement). Both the centrist from Bayrou’s UDF and the socialists from Royal disappointed (themselves, not me), and the far-left and far-right parties were marginalized.

The federal elections in Belgium were also very hopeful.

In Flanders the elections resulted in a major victory for the right-of-center CD&V/NVA (Christian Democrat & Flemish and the New Flemish Alliance) , receiving 29.6% of the Flemish vote in the house of representatives, wich is a 3.8% gain. Vlaams Belang (Flemish interest, a seccesionist rightwing party) won 1.1% of the vote, totalling 19%. List Dedecker, a newly formed rightwing liberal party, formed by former openVLD member of parliament Jean-Marie Dedecker was the big surprise of the elections by gaining 6.5% of the vote, wich is double the score the polls had predicted. The Greens made a dissapointing 2.4% gain and represent 6.3% of the electorate (they had expected 7.5% at least). The major losers were the openVLD (open Flemish Liberal Democrats), the traditional liberal party from the Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt, who lost 6.6% and stranded at about 18.8% of the vote, a result due to the lack of real liberalism and socialist course, criticized by List Dedecker. But the worst result, and the result which pleases me the most, is the decimation of the socialist party, the Sp.a (Socalist Party different (whatever that may mean)). They lost 7.2% and have only 16.3% left. Two far-left parties, PVDA (communists) and CAP (bunch of losers complaining about the so-called ‘neoliberal course’ of the sp.a, what a joke) stayed far below the minimum percentage for representation.

In Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium, the elections took a different turn. Wallonia, historically a horrid socialist bastion has shown signs of common sense. For the first time in decades, the liberal party MR (Reformatory Movement) is stronger then the socialist PS (Socialist Party). The MR gained 2.8%, totalling 31.2%, whereas the PS lost 6.9% and fell to 29.5%. CdH (Democratic Humanist Centre) a centrist formating made a slight gain of 0.4% and now has 15.8%. Ecolo, the green party gained 5.3%, and now has 12.8% of Walloon vote. The far-right FN (Front National) remained status quo at 5.6%.

The Trend in Flanders is clearly in favor of the rightwing parties. Also Seccesionists are on the rise. The Vlaams Belang, advocating Flemish autonomy made a slight gain. List Dedecker, which prefers confederalism and republicanism made a very succesful debut, and the NVA, the CD&V partner also favors nationalism and thus the Flemish Republic. The NVA composes a significant part of CD&V/NVA results. 2 senators and 5 representatives are NVA. Wallonia apparently has no supporters for more autonomy or independance. Apparently it depends largely on Flanders for it’s social welfare system, no wonder seccesionism is on the rise, and knowing smaller countries are mostly more prosperous countries, I’m as well happy about this trend.


2 Responses to “Rightwingers on the rise in Europe”

  1. Skooter Says:

    Vive la Belgique!!! Vote for BUB!! >.>;;;
    Stupid rightwing parties.

  2. gromp Says:

    List Dedecker was really surprising, but funny nonetheless. The others was kinda what I expected (although I didn’t expect SPa to lose so much. Then again, have you seen Geert Lambert, their partner from Spirit? Yuck, the man gets fatter by the minute)

    I’m a bit mad at CD&V. DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH VOTES LIEVE VAN DAELE HAD ???? ALMOST 16000 !!!! (for Belgium and an unknown teacher (religious education of all the things) from Sint-Niklaas that’s much!) WAKE UP BELGIUM, SHE’S GONNA LEAD THE COUNTRY INTO RUIN !!!!!! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE !!!!

    Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

    If she ever gets prime minister i’m storming the governmental buildings.

    I don’t care much about the Wallonian results. A bit crazy that Elio DiRupo (probably) can stay and Johan Vandelanotte and Vera Dua had to go. Poor Vera, she always did look funny.

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