No more Chicano, ese

Immigration is the number one topic in the US’ domestic affairs at the moment and is one of the key issues that will define the 2008 presidential elections. At the moment an immigration bill has been revived which had recently been voted off in the Senate. This controversial bill would allow regularization of over 12 million illegal immigrants, already residing in the United States. The major proponent of the bill is Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy, brother of Bobby & John, as senator of Massachussets (figures). Yet opposition is massive. Many grassroots organisations and commitees have sprung up to resist the approval of this bill. The popularity of this bill is very low. Referenda concerning immigration have all shown vast majorities opposing further legalization of illegal immigrants, and have called for tighter border security. Yet president Bush supports the bill, along with the a majority of Democrats, and minority of Republicans. Yet the little republican support for the bill is waning (senator Jon Kyl might not vote in its favor a second time, and he has quite some influence with other senators).

John McCain, the republican Arizona senator, who also backs the plan is being critized by his conservative supporters, which might endanger his bid for the republican nomination for the 2008 Presidential Elections. This eventhough his main opponents are Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, who don’t condemn the bill either. This might give dark-horse candidate Tom Tancredo a chance to stand in the spotlight, for he has made his opposition to illegal immigration and his support for the construction of a border fence his main topic, and is gaining popularity that way.

Pat Buchanan, the paleoconservative political analyst wrote a very interesting book about this pending problem, ‘State of Emergency’. It’s a must-read for whoever interested in the topic, and explains in a clear way why this bill is the wrong way to go and how it undermines the US itself.


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