Turkey and the World

Turkey is quite unique. As a muslim country, it is an example to the rest of the muslim world. It’ secular government can only be praised for keeping fundamentalists at bay. The commotion around Abdullah Gul from the muslim AKP and his bid for presidency sparked protest and evoked gigantic rallies from secularists, opposing the possibility of someone seen as orthodox to be president was a hopeful sign. Turkey’s government has remained secular for almost a century now, even though military intervention was sometimes necessary to achieve this.

Yet for all that is good about the Turkish society, I don’t support it’s bid for membership of the European Union. Just recently Sarkozy hindered the advancement of Turkish integration in the EU, something he had vowed to when running for president. With Angela Merkel & Nicolas Sarkozy as leaders of the two most powerful continental nations of Europe, I doubt the Turks will make a lot of progress towards their goal. This is a good thing, for Turkey, despite it’s secularism remains a fundamentally non-European country. Europe has no need for an influx of yet many more millions of muslim immigrants, for it has been unable op till now to fully integrate those who are already there.

The fact that Turkey is not willing to admit and apologize for the genocide on the Armenians, and the persecutions of the christians within its border shows all the more that it is unfit to be part of Europe. The way the Kurds get treated nowadays shows another negative aspect of Turkey. The repression against the Kurds in Eastern Turkey and the border dispute with the Kurdish autonomous province in northern Iraq make the situation in the Middle East all the more tense. Just recently they bought high-tech airplanes to be used as advanced weaponry against the ‘terrorist’ Kurds, weapons, oh irony, bought from Israel.


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