Mexico on the right track


Last sunday, an estimated 100.000 rallied on the Zocalo main square in Mexico city to pledge their support for Lopez Obrador. A year ago, he suffered a narrow defeat in the presidential elections. The conservative Felipe Calderon thus became president, but Obrador never admitted his defeat. As a true leftwing nut, he immediatly proclaimed the elections had been rigged, and said he only was the true president of Mexico.

In the beginning he had a lot of support, for the popular support was almost evenly split between Obrador and Calderon. That’s why he started organizing strikes and rallies where he would delight his followers with the usual anti-american slander (Calderon favors closer ties with the US, as did his predecessor Fox). His popularity is waning though.

Recent polls show Calderons approval rate rising up to 65%. Especially his crackdown on drugtrade has made his popularity soar and his position is now questioned only by Obradors staunchest supporters.


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