Amplifier worship!


 On your left, a huge orange stack of doom with added amplifiers and a big effectboard. On your right an ampeg-based bass rig and a big marshal based guitar rig (with another big effectboard), with a hell of a lot added amplifiers. In the middle, a minimal drum set, backed up by a big gong. Add to this a lot of smoke and a deep sound coming out of nowhere, taking over your stomach, and voila, the stage is set for a three headed beast hailing from Japan: BORIS!

Boris are Wata, Atsuo and Takeshi. Three japanese art students who decided to form a band and make the music they like.

But boris is more. Boris is Jimmy Page in the desert (Takeshi).

Boris is the gong pummeling Atsuo between his yeehaws and ear piercing drumattacks.

Boris is the ice cold guitar solos coming from the silent Wata.

Boris is Heavy Ambient Sludge, Doom Noise Punkish Psychedelic Rock,

and much more…

They got their name from a track by (the) Melvins, and you can hear they are inspired by them. But Boris isn’t just drone/doom like everybody likes to tag them. They are everything they like. And that is very eclectic, with influences ranging from Black Sabbath to Pink Floyd. They also work with other artist from other genres ( like Keiji Hano, doom experst Sunn o))) or noise ‘god’ Merzbow ). The same counts for their records, from their first (absolutego) to their last (rainbow), they are all different.

So if you ever have the chance to see them live, be prepared for a trip through a wind tunnel, with only Boris as your guide…




One Response to “Amplifier worship!”

  1. Skooter Says:

    Oh, awesome pictures! Though Atsuo is hidden too much XD. I love what you wrote! But remember!
    Embrace good grammar! Capitals are your friend, darling =D.
    And Boris REALLY was a wind tunnel *___*

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