Away with them taxes !

It sucks to pay taxes. Giving away money so the government can spend it at bullcrap isn’t on my list of needs for a better society. I don’t want my taxmoney to be used to give prisoners extra comfortable prison cells, to give one example, crooks need to be treated as crooks. I do acknowledge the need for some limited taxes, in order to sustain a limited health care, or other things, such as building roads or powerplants, but being forced to give 50% or even more of your income is downright criminal.

The funnier it gets when someone concludes there is no law demanding you to pay income tax. The first time I heard from this was when I watched Aaron Russo’s “America: From Freedom to Fascism’. An interesting movie in wich libertarian Russo claims there is no law wich obliges to pay income tax, and in wich he also criticizes several other things, such as parts of the Patriot Act, the possibility of spychips, ID cards, electronic voting, and more.

Things have taken a nasty turn since some people who refused to pay income tax were sentenced to jail, even though the prosecution couldn’t come up with a legal argument, debunking their claim. Just the other day I read about the “Ed Brown” case. Apparently this man and his wife Elaine have been succesfully evading taxes since 1990, taxes they claim to be illegal. It has come this far that the man has barricaded himself in his mansion-fortress, in Plainfield, New Hampshire. This way he hopes to outlast the FBI agents who have surrounded his house to arrest him. Brown however, uses solar energy to power his house, in case they cut him from the main grid. He has his own source for drinkable water and has enough food stocked to remain indoors for decades. He also claims to be armed and has warned that he would forcefully protect himself if the police was to storm the house. A few dozen people who sympathize have put up tents on his domain, and are planning to help Brown if it ever comes to an assault. A few of those also claim to be armed.

Even though I don’t believe in the ‘9/11 is a US conspiracy’ mumbo-jumbo, I do sympathize with the man for not wanting to give in. The underdog vs the system even has some romance in it. The fact that he lives in New Hampshire makes it all the more epic, the man really takes his state’s motto ‘Live free or die’ literally.


It’s a corporate world

In honor of Milton Friedman (July 31, 1912 – November 16, 2006).